Wednesday, July 30

Volunteering on the Farm


There are many ways to volunteer on the farm. One of them is to work at the Mulberry Mojito Bar. I love meeting the people as the start their journeys. The comments "Wow, it's really fast..." or "Maybe we should have gotten the life jackets..." Um, yeah. But my favorite thing is just chatting the people up, see where they've come from, how they ended up in Laos. It's been fun. Except for yesterday when it rained all day and we didn't have any customers. Or today when it's been really humid and slow all morning. But even then, I get to sit and read or work on math, so all in all, I've got a good life here.


Mickey said...

Well now I want a Laotian mulberry mojito, damnit! Sometime you need to fill us in on all this volunteer stuff, such as how it came about and why they need free labor.

Amanda Leslie said...

Hi Em! I second the desire for a mulberry mojito, and I want the recipe. My folks have a mulberry bush on the alley, but I wonder if Laotian mulberries are tastier. because theirs? not so much.
I emailed you today. have fun!