Tuesday, July 1

Where Do I Want?

(Again, back dated)

The title of this post started "What Do I Want?" but as I created the list, I realized it was a list of geography, not my own wants. So here goes:

  • Good public radio (I was listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" while writing the list)
  • Access to local, organic produce
  • Be able to walk out of my house and to my local neighborhood non-chain cafe, yarn store, movie store, ...
  • Local access to hiking in hills
  • A like minded community
  • Micro-Breweries!
  • My own garden, compost pile and worm bin
  • Diverse population
  • Access to ethnic ingredients including chipotle chilis, rice noodles, green curry paste and rooster sauce

Who do I want to be?

  • Teacher
  • Department Head
  • Gardner
  • Wife
  • Mother??

What else?

  • A masters in math
  • phD in mathematics education??


Nate said...

Your list sounds like the east bay to me. And I love "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" as well. I download the podcast to iTunes every week and try to fit it in somewhere in the week. It's hard to work and listen to it, though. I also listen to Marketplace pretty religiously (I've got a crush on Kai Ryssdal). Forum...I'll listen to certain shows if the topic interests me, but usually only the first half hour because most people bug me when they call in. Anyway, just sharing my love of NPR.

Mickey said...

Yeah, didn't you already do Oakland/Berkeley? I've never been, but I think that's what you're describing. Sounds like you're homesick.

Tyler said...

I think Mickey is right ! !
I know you didn't think Moscow was going to be Berkely, did you ?
Anyway, maybe you should try France, Netherlands or even Germany. I really like Berlin. Maybe you would too.

bostezo said...

You can come home and help us take care of the worms, Nate calls them "mis hijitos"

TravelingEm said...

Actually, the place I'm describing or thinking mostly of, is Asheville, NC. As much as I love the East Bay, I think it's just way too expensive for a teacher.