Saturday, July 19

Time for the Truth

My traveling companion for the last 2 weeks left for Hong Kong today. I've been traveling with Ashish, my college boyfriend. I didn't want to write about it because I was afraid we'd get back together and it would hurt William's feelings*. However, in the first few hours, it was clear to us that we aren't what the other wants and the reasons we broke up 7 years ago are still valid. So instead of hot sex**, it has been comfortable companionship. And in the end it has helped me become clearer in my mind as to what I want in a relationship. Now, if someone could just tell me where to find it, that'd be great... Though I'm beginning to think that if I just go to where I want to live, I can find all the happiness I seek...

*I'm also trying to let go of the responsibility for his feelings. I certainly don't want to hurt him intentionally but this is still my blog for my ramblings, right???

**Maybe being in Thailand I'll find the life of a monk most appropriate, except I don't think they let girls be monks.


mama pajama said...

* good for you, girl. good for you.

Mickey said...

That's okay. I'll still pretend you're sleeping your way around southeast Asia.

Just kidding. Although if you want a movie deal about your life, you'd be wise to sex it up a bit in your travels.