Tuesday, July 22

Post Dating - Even More

I've been transferring from my journal back to my blog in fits and starts. So if you're a regular reader, I'm talking to you Mickey, you may want to go back to the beginning of July.

Updated July 22nd, 5 or so more post-dated posts added.


Mickey said...

And now they have been post-commented.

Judy DeMartini said...

Hi Emily,
Just read your blog after many months..you have been very busy!! Loved your travel photos and your wrap up of the school year...if you ever want to write: jdemar2011@comcast.net
Bob and I spent 3 weeks in France...Paris and South of France..next year Eastern Europe.
I am still working at SMC and will have four students this fall. Glad to hear you are considering a PHD is Math Ed....you would be sooooo great as a "teacher of teachers"...
Take care,
Judy DeMartini