Monday, July 7


I met many friends in Bali, old and new. We decided to take a day trip to the NE coastal town of Amed to go snorkeling. The first spot we attempted to snorkel had really rough, choppy water breaking hard on a rocky (big grapefruit sized rocks) beach. After about 10 minutes in murky, scary water seeing no fish, though the boys think they saw a 4 foot shark, we gave up. As I struggled to get on shore fighting the crashing waves, trying to find a solid footing and my balance, my mom's first wedding band* that I've worn every day for the past 10 years slipped off my finger made skinnier in the water something I know happens to me from my swimming, but I've always managed to push it back up my finger... in a pool. Fighting the waves I couldn't keep track of it and now it's forever lost to Davy Jones's locker. I still rub my thumb against my ringer finger for it, unable to believe I really lost it.

*I ended up with the ring as one day my senior year in HS my mom was bit by a spider. She woke my dad up in the middle of the night and made him cut the ring off as her finger was swelling around it. It was a very thin, simple band of white gold. After it was cut, she upgraded to bigger and shinier, but had the ring fixed and gave it to me when I graduated HS.

Big huge sigh.

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