Wednesday, August 11

Another Night in Ouderkerk

Did I mention that part of our contract includes a gym membership?! It's one of those big fancy gyms, though not really "Globo Gym" like. So far I've only swam, Saturday and again this morning. We were told that the pool is through the sauna (the naked co-ed sauna). So I go and walk through the sauna, this takes you outside via a covered pathway into a large locker room. I walked through that, heading (I though towards the pool) but kept meeting doors with a red circle and a horizontal white line through the center - a "Do Not Enter," right?! Finally I stop to ask a much older woman who's showering, "Why can't I find the pool?!" Yep, it took me 8 minutes to find the pool. But I found it and swam.


Today was our first day of "work." It's still orientation though. My first impression is "pink." Seriously, the walls, the carpet, it's all pink. It looks like I'll have my own classroom, though I'll be sharing it with my head of department (HOD). It's up on the third floor (math departments seem to be always the furthest away).

After work, I went to buy a screw driver to finish assembling my new sofa (bed). Here's the new living room set up. In the lower right, that's the top of the newel post - I was standing on the stairs to take the photo:

New Couch

And here's the couch pulled out into bed form - double bed side. Ready for visitors!

New Couch

And here I am enjoying a post assembly glass of wine along the Amstel.
Along the Amstel

I was with new friends M & L. Here I am with L:
My Front Door


bostezo said...

We have the same couch here. Too funny, same ottoman and now same couch.

I think I want to visit you in the summer next year, right before you start work or something like that (in case you travel, of course you will travel, away from home during your time off). I'll talk to Nate, I'm so excited!!!!! (How can I get so excited? it's a whole year ahead)

courtney said...

That couch looks comfy! I'm looking forward to making good use of it. :)