Sunday, August 8

Long Way There

I went to visit a colleague today - one who I think will turn out to be a good friend. I ended up getting a bit turned around in Uithoorn (pronounced out-horn), so it took me a while to get there (1.5 hours). You can see the route on the map I attempted to create (why, oh why, can't you map a bicycle route on Google maps in the Netherlands?! Dude?!). The distance is about the same even though I took (what I thought was) the longer way along the Amstel River out and went through pasture land to get home. However, it only took an hour to get home and that was up wind most of the way. I have to say, my tuckas is not as sore as I expected.

View Ouderkerk in a larger map

I live top right, it's just starting to say Ouder...

Here's a couple of photos from the beginning of the ride.

Biking along the Amstel

Biking along the Amstel

Amazingly I didn't get rained on!

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elf said...

You can't Google Map them in Germany, either. I've ended up on some roads that were waaaaaay busier than I had hoped they would be.

When are you coming to Bavaria? Only six weeks until Oktoberfest...