Tuesday, August 3

I have arrived

I'm feeling really mellow. I love my apartment, except perhaps for the stair case, but maybe that's because it was really difficult to get 2 50 lb suitcases up the stairs. The stairs are narrow and steep, which is good because they have a small footprint, but bad because I'm terrified I will slip down them at some point because I tend toward clumsy.

The exposed ceiling beams in the living room are painted green. I love it.

The bedroom has a curved ceiling that's really tall in the middle. I also love that.

There are two bins for trash - one for compost (YAY!) and the other for trash - no recycling. Hmph. I can take paper, glass and plastic myself, but I haven't found the closest bins yet.

I have a tiny fridge, no freezer and no pantry. Not so sure how I feel about that.

My little village is just what I was hoping for, except I haven't found a cheese shop yet, though the butcher does have some cheeses. I've been to the grocery store twice. About 5 houses down from me are 4 restaurants that have outdoor seating right on the river.

I went to the bike shop in town today to buy a bike, but the cheapest one was 599 Euros (that's almost $800). Ugh. I'm going to look in the next biggest town tomorrow when I go in to set up my bank account. I expected to spend money on a bike - especially for a good lock and the saddle bags that I want. But, I don't need a fancy pants racing bike. I just want to be able to ride around everywhere. $800, really? I hope not.


courtney said...

Sounds awesome! Not having a freezer would be rough, though. I hope you find a less expensive bike!

Mickey said...

I wonder how much shipping from the US would be for a bike, because you can get a pretty nice ride for $300-$500. Or a used one even cheaper.

Shannon said...

What village *are* you in?