Thursday, August 19


The classroom I moved into was chock full of cr4p. I spent my first "work" day cleaning it out. I've never seen more rubber bands in my life. The way I was getting rid of things you'd think I don't have an attachment to stuff.

But, then my shipment arrived...

Kitchen Stuff

More Kitchen Stuff

Where'd my living room go?

Where'd my living room go?

And since then, I've been afraid to come home.

Did you notice those were only photos of the downstairs...

My bed was covered with clothes. Since then, I've filled a big box of clothes to donate (why, why, do I have so much?) and managed to fit the rest into my closet. The shoes are another matter, but I'm working on it.

I'm still working on the downstairs, but have managed to find homes for most of the kitchen gear with only getting rid of a few things (photo for add)

Ok, back to the organizing...

Oh, RIGHT, today was the first day of school for students! I only had homeroom. I've got a 12th grade class of 15. They all sat next to each other without me telling them too and obviously all got along... what a change that's going to be! I really like them so far and am excited to see them through the year.

As a 12th grade advisor, I'm automatically enlisted in organizing prom. At the first teacher's meeting we were told that we need to make sure that this year prom only has beer and wine... Yep, that'll be another change. Maybe the students will actually stay for the dancing here.


courtney said...

ONLY beer and wine at prom?! Ha!

Michael said...

Sheesh - what a mess! But how exciting when your "shipment comes home". Very envious! Around here when I swim before class, I am WAY too hot and soaking wet with sweat for the first block. But, around, here, sweating is normal!