Friday, August 6

My Commute

I got a bike yesterday. I went back to my local bike shop and asked if they also had used bikes. Turns out they do, down in the basement where the repair shop is! So I got a bike that retails at 900 Euro for 350! Go me. Of course, spending so much on a bike means that I'm terrified of it getting stolen. It's only a 30 minute ride into Amsterdam, but no way am I taking that bike into the city!

So, anyway, I've got a bike, saddle bags and 2 locks, but no helmet. No one wears a helmet here. I keep thinking about my brain and how much of a risk I'm taking. So far it doesn't feel like much of one because there are bike paths everywhere. Seriously. Though mopeds also use the bike lanes, the times I've been passed so far by both mopeds and other cyclists, have felt really calm and safe. So there you go.

Anywhere, here's my bike leaning against the fence out my backdoor.

My Bike

For as big as it is, it's super light, when the bags are empty of course. See the keys, that's one of the two locks. It locks around the rear wheel. I also have a chain lock for putting around the frame and front tire.

I rode my bike into work today to try out the commute. As I was timing it, I didn't take any photos, but here's a description of what I saw along the way:

Sheep laying along a canal
The Amstel River
More sheep
A vineyard
Some cows
A little bit of suburb/city

Then I was at school. In just 10 minutes. And this was my first time riding a bike in, oh, 3 years. So I'm thinking it'll end up being more like 8 minutes. Have I mentioned I love where I'm living?

It's time for people to start visiting!

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