Monday, August 23

Dear Self, Always wear pants!

When you decided to wear the lovely teal/green dress given to you by Mrs. C last year, it wasn't raining that hard. I know. But instead of wearing only your rain jacket you should have also worn the pants, or at least packed them! Then, about half way, when it was actually raining and you lap was covered in rain drops - yet still obviously drops - ie there were dry patches - you should have gone home and either gotten the pants or a change of clothes. Because just a few minutes later it really started raining. Arriving to school physically dripping with rain is not very professional. Thankfully it was only 7:30 and it seems most people don't arrive before 8. So you were able to park in front of the fan to dry out. But you don't really want to repeat this experience do you?

By leaving time, around 4, it was sunny. But, self, you still need to wear pants! Riding a bike in a dress leads to exposure, especially when it's windy along with sunny. And you're just not a good enough of a rider to hold your skirt with one hand and steer with the other, especially when it's really windy.

So self, please remember this day and always wear pants!

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Shannon said...

So why aren't there any pictures of *this*?