Monday, April 14

1, 2, 3, Duck - Canaries 3

Tuesday was a great day. Well, in parts. We went to the Camel Park. By now we've learned our lesson about Parks. At least with the monkeys the kids got to pet them. The brochures showed happy camels, if there is such a thing, and people getting kissed by the camels. "Lies" the boys shouted within 10 minutes of our arrival. These camels were not happy, no petting occured and the ride, well only the boys went. They enjoyed it, but it wasn't "the coolest thing ever."

Camel Mustache

However, our drive there was lovely as was the return. The boys headed to the beach to create sand sculptures. Here they are with their volcano (it's not a pyramid!!)

They loved the black sand!

Sarita and I headed off to an "aqua spa." There were 10 different stations:
1. Massage bath - a huge warm pool, chest high water with many different jets and water falls.
2. Cold Plunge - love them!
3. Hot tub - not so hot, unfortunately
4. Roman bath (wet sauna)
5. Scottish Shower, cold shower with jets all around and a Bucket Shower
6. Flotarium - super salinated water where you have to try to push your limbs under water - my favorite experience. My muscles have never felt so relaxed!
7. Turkish bath - dry sauna
8. "Relaxing" Foot and Leg Massage - walk in a half circle on small pebbles while water is sprayed onto your ankles.
9. Mineral springs mist - another half circle walk
10. Mineral oil shower - we never actually found this.

It was great! A good, laughable bonding experience for my sister and I. And really, after 1.5 hours in water, you skin is so smooth!

We returned to meet up with the boys and their mom and headed off for a great local dinner. On the walk home, I went ahead with the boys and as we were walking along the balcony towards our room, on the count of three we ducked down and hid. It was great fun. We ended the night with a game of Blokus.

We heart Blokus!

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Mickey said...

I don't think you've explained who these people are (aside from your sister, obviously).