Thursday, April 3

Another year gone by

Well, I have now entered my 30th year, to steal Mickey's way of phrasing the fact that today is my 29th birthday. And as such I think I'm going to steal Minnie's 365 idea to commemorate my 30th year of existance. So I'll be taking a picture a day of myself to watch my transition of moving towards being the age that I feel. Really I feel more like I'm 32 or 33. But anyhoo, stay posted for 1/365. I'll have to wait until I get home to upload it :)

Thus far, I've been given 3 plants (yay!), homemade tiramisu even made with marscapone which I didn't even know you could find in Moscow (double yay!) and a box of Ladoo - Indian Sweets (huge YAY!). After school a crowd is heading to my favorite brewery restaurant.

Update: Add to the list 7 long stem white roses from one of my Russian students. This one means a lot because he's one of those kids that was a big trouble maker last year and I've got him in math and advisory and he's doing really well.

A few photos:

Me and the tiramisu maker:
Italian Student and Me

Young Photographer:
Beer and Camera Head


Laurel said...

Happy Birthday to's mine too! I'm also on ravelry under the name Smidgentigre.

You're blog's great...I'll have to spend more time reading it later. You're doing what I always wanted to, be around kids, etc! Our 2 children were adopted from Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. Spent some time...1 Moscow. Interesting place...but I'd like to go back & NOT have to carry 2 kids around!!! :o)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!

Mickey said...


Sounds like it got off to a good start. I hope you have a nice time at the restaraunt/brewery and best of luck in your 30th year!

Anonymous said...

Em, Hope you had a great birthday. Love your blog. Texas is the same as always! Happy Birthday! - Tiffany Daykin

minnie said...

WOOT! Happy Birthday! is it april 3rd? or anotherday?

RJ Mical said...

haooy Birthday! I didn't know the date; is it April 3rd? Yay!

Miss you,