Monday, April 14

The Ocean Scares Me - Canaries 1

I was reading most of the flight to Tenerife (Ten-air-reef-eh) so even though I had a window seat, I hadn't been gazing out of it. However, from Moscow to Madrid I did glance up from my grading as we passed over some beautiful mountains (the Alps?). Anyways, I the flight to Tenerife I was sharing a row with a German Gymnasium (HS) math teacher. He and his wife and another couple were heading to Tenerife for their 11th time!! As we approached the island he drew my attention from my book to the view out the window to the water/island below. I immediately thought, "The ocean scares me." It's so big. how can you not help but feel insignificant when compared to its vastness. If you're swept away, that's it your a speck, a cookie crumb soon to disolve in a big glass of milk. Oh, and don't forget sharks, rip tide, and sand. I fly a lot, as we all know. I'm never afraid, except when I see nothing but ocean below.

Two days later I was up at 7. I walked along the ocean, so at peace with its sound and smell... from the safety of land, I'm in love.


Mickey said...

Ocean or land, you're probably not going to survive the crash either way, I'd bet.

Nate said...

I had a near-drowning experience once in Guatemala. It gave me a nice respect, and fear, of the sea.