Thursday, April 17

La Gomera - Canaries 4

I was reminded that I didn't explain who I went to the Canaries with besides my sister who I always call Sarita. The whole reason I was there is because my sister had planned this trip with a friend of hers, we'll call Sahara because her name is similar but strange and Sahara is all I could think of when trying to remember it. Anyway, Sahara works for Delta and so she and her two kids fly for free and my sister got to fly for 10 cents a mile, so they decided to pick some place exotic for break. My parents donated their time share and it just so happened this planned trip fell on my spring break, so I tagged along.

Anway, on our 5th day there, we took a day trip to La Gomera, the second smallest Canary Island, and is a quick 32 km away from Tenerife. Even on a bus tour, it was stunning. I especially loved the laurel forest we got to spend an hour (not nearly enough time) in.

Moss Covered Forest

I wish we'd have spent our entire trip on La Gomera which is far more tropical and humid than the desert like Tenerife. It's far less touristy with only a few hotels and lots and lots of hiking.

Note El Teide (the highest point in Spain, the old volcano on Tenerife) rising through the clouds in the background.


Mickey said...


Your parents have a time share in the Canaries? Seriously!

Did you see anyone climbing some of those rocks? Sorry, I'm such a geek.

TravelingEm said...

There is lots and lots of good climbing there from what I heard. And my parents have time share in South Carolina that they trade in for places all over.

Mickey said...

Ah, that's how the time share works. Nice.

That figures about the climbing. Those Spaniards do like to climb.