Monday, April 21

So proud!

Warning, this is all me being a proud mama hen.

I use Engrade, an online gradebook, to keep all my grades. It's free, web based and super user friendly. They've just added functionality that I can post lessons or assignments without students having to log in (somehow they can remember their Facebook, etc, passwords, but not mine) - click here to see the general page of assignment calendars. And to some of these assignments, I can set it so that students can respond.

Like my Log Bonus post. Go click on it. Please! Look at the stuff my students are doing! I'm so proud. And this is from my "weakest" grade 10 class.

Resuming normal bitter self now.


Davee said...

awww... can i call you "Ms. Sliman" too the next time I see you? so cute!

Mickey said...

Good work, Ms. Sliman!