Monday, April 14

Depressed Monkeys - Canaries 2

Today (Monday) we went to the "Monkey Park." I already hate zoos. Caged animals make me want to cry. Animals crowded into cages in a "park" thatsmells of feces where the animals are missing patches of fur, well these make me angry with myself knowing I've just paid to get in and am help supporting the cruelty. The things we do to get along with our family when on vacation.

What do you see first?

Do I look like I eat bread??

I was thinking about this while waiting for my sister and the kids to finish feeding the monkeys the dried bread, cat food and sunflower seeds (all the things they get in nature right?!). I was standing near the crocodile pit thinking twirling the car key when "oops" there goes the key into the croc pit. Yep, the animal keeper had to be radioed to come jump the fence and retrieve our rental car key. Yep, that's me, Grace should be my middle name.

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Mickey said...

Of all the places to lose your keys. It couldn't have the koala enclosure, right?