Friday, April 4


Thank you to everyone here, on facebook, via email and skype for the birthday wishes. It was a great birthday!!!

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Here's day 2: me trying to match the smile of my favorite birthday card. When you open it, the cats teeth are actually created with the block letters for "Happy Birthday" but in Russian. Anyhoo, I waited until I looked less hung over to take the picture, but in the spirit of true photodocumentation maybe I should have taken a photo this morning. I think this exercise will be a great reminder to always carry my camera.

I'll continue the photo a day but I won't be able to put any up for the next week because in 5 hours (at 4 a.m.) I'm being picked up and taken to the airport. Yep, I was just in Thailand, but that was work people! Seriously, even though I was in Thailand it was 24/7 with the kids. But this, this is April break. I'm flying to Tenerife, which is one of the Canary Islands where I'll be meeting my sister and one of her friends. I hope to hike, read books and play lots of Blokus. I'll catch you up in a week.

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Mickey said...


Tenerife, huh? Yeah, why the hell not. Have fun!

Like you said, you're going to have to stop censoring yourself in your photos and give us the REAL Em365. We don't want 365 smiling shots. We want hangovers!