Sunday, April 20


Decorated Piano

Well, I didn't end up with that many pictures of myself, though I know the yearbook teacher got a few of me. It was really nice, except that there wasn't any dancing. Many of my students were there, a surprising number of sophomores.

Daniel and Peter

It was at the US Ambassador's house, which is beautiful. It was a casino night theme and they brought in blackjack tables and dealers from a local casino and had poker chips made.

Teachers at the Tables

AAS Chips

Here's my favorite dress, the girl designed it herself and had it made.

Favorite Dress

And one of my students won prom queen. It was quite surprising actually as she's not the most popular. She was thrilled though and I had fun photographing her along with two of her friends, also my students.

Really Excited


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Mickey said...

Could you imagine a high school in the states having a casino-themed prom? Me neither.

That's pretty awesome.