Saturday, April 19

Slowly Spring Arrives

When I returned from the Canaries a week ago, it was a beautiful day. I went hiking the G, a friend of a friend. We couldn't help but be excited by all the budding trees (in Russian, they have separate word for a bud that makes leaves versus a bud that makes flowers).

Spring Buds

The trees that are further along have produced buds that have fallen to the ground. To us it looked like a migration of caterpillars.


It was a great way to spend the day. Of course three days later it was snowing. However, the snow didn't stick and blue skies are forcing there way back in. I just went to the market and bought strawberries! Yay, with winter ending I'm finally beginning to enjoy Moscow again!

Last night I had dinner with friends two metro stops away from home. It was such a lovely night I decided to walk back. I haven't done the walk over the bridge at night before so I'd never noticed this huge Gazprom sign before. I don't know how much you hear about them in the States, but they're the largest company in Russia, third largest in the world and do lots and lots of natural gas refining.

Gazprom Reflection

Oh, and tonight is prom which means an exciting picture of the day.


linda said...

How nice that it is spring, it snowed here the last couple days....

Mickey said...

I love how that sign reflects on the water.

And spring is amazing. Life begins anew!

melusine_tricote said...

I love the dress too ! The girl has done a really good job...