Tuesday, January 25

Bread for Breakfast

Jo made us bread for breakfast. A white bread that was dense and moist from being steamed to bake. Absolutely delicious. We also had fried rice for breakfast. I admit, I am craving a more western breakfast. I'd love just a bowl of cereal with a banana. OH - apparently there are five or six types of bananas here. The ones we've been eating are quite small and while sweet, they are not sugary sweet and tend to have a frim texture. Not firm like it's unripe, but firm like an al dente noodle. You have to be careful when you bite in as some have huge hard pebble sized seeds.

The morning session was with Robin Clayfield. She led one yesterday as well after our journey to the temple. Thus far her work has been group bonding and discussing learning styles and her way of teaching using Accelerated Learning and mind map methods. I understand where she's coming from, but a lot of it still feels very hippy too me.

We began to get into the foundation ideas of permaculture. So much is common sense. Is this how change will be brought about? By living the life? Sharing it with others? Seems like such a slow method. But all of this feels so natural to me. Getting back to the land. Living simply. Finding multiple uses for everything. Being surrounded by smiling, conent people whose lives are spent living rather than working. I feel like I need to take a year and spend it working with and on land with an intentional community, or maybe just on the ranch or up at the lair. Being in Asia feels very right to me as well. I am so glad I'm here.

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