Friday, January 28


Seems as though frustrations are running high. Robin seems to be dictated by her emotions which are being effected by nicotine and caffine withdrawl. She feels as though much of "her time" is being taken for other uses. I feel as though she uses a lot of her time on fluffy hippy stuff that doesn't seem completely necessary. Finding something in nature that describes how we feel that morning, reviewing ~everything~ from the previous day. I feel as if there is no way we will learn everything she has to offer. I feel that a lot of what we will learn will be very specific to Whispering Seed. I trust myself and my instinct enough to transfer that information; most of us here will be able to do that. I'm very curious as to why folks are here. It seems as though it's very divided. Some here for permaculture; some life experience (which I find very frustrating as it is taking away from my learning - get your life experience through LIVING every day, every moment), some here to work this land, help this cause specifically.

And this rant makes me seem very irritated. Honesttly, I'm not. I'm learning to be less of a control freak; knowing I have no control over this situation and just trying to live as I see best.

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