Monday, January 17

leavin' on a jet plane

I had a great night tonight, a fun going away pot luck where a bunch of friends came over, the landlord called and told us we weren't allowed to use any water (no bathroom, nothing) with all these people over because apparently the downstairs has been flooding for the past three weeks while those tennants have been away for the holidays. Regardless, it was a blast. Thank you to everyone who came over :)
So tomorrow, I'm taking off and thought I'd leave a general itinerary of where I'm going, what my plans are and for the sake of folks knowing where I'll be just in case.
* 19th - 22nd January I'll explore Bangkok, go see temples, have a Thai massage or two, potentially buy some funky clothes and pants, I'm staying at Suk 11 hostel.
* 22nd Jan - 22nd Feb permaculture course in Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi Province, Western Thailand. Check out the Whispering Seed info page for details.
* 23rd Feb - 1st Mar This part is unclear. I'm going to go with the flow and see where I end up. I'd like to get over to Kho PhaNgan, or maybe I'll head to the rain forest, who knows?
Regardless, it will be an adventure :)

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Anonymous said...

i hope you remembered your neti pot.