Sunday, January 23

Check it out!

Bike Blenders - I want one for Burning Man!
KIeiwerks - an Asheville based earth building information website.

Today we set up our tents - home sweet home for the next month. Began baandin with Jo. Hundereds of bricks already made. Learn the texture of the mud to make more. Lay the foundation and build four layers of house. Clean ourselves in the river, where we're never allowed to be naked. Umm, how does one get clean if you're not naked? This is going to be especially for this girl who doesn't really buy into the idea of modesty. It's already immediately clear that the men don't have the same restrictions - walking around shirtless, bathing in their underwear in the river. One thing is certain, I will be talking to the local women about this double standard. I want to understand, to know how they feel about this.

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