Sunday, January 9

Will my luck continue?

I'm driving down to LA tomorrow in order to get my Thai visa. I'm going to stay with one of my cooking friends - she's going to cook me dinner which I'm very excited about :) Then Monday morning, I plan to be at the Thai consulate when they open at 9. If luck is still with me, they'll process my visa in a few hours and let me continue on my way. Why am I driving to LA to do this? Couldn't I have done it through some other correspondance? Prehaps, but I am unwilling to mail my passport anywhere. I know how these things get "lost" in the mail. And I'm not willing to lose my passport. Do you know how hard those things are to replace? Besides, after this, I'll only have 4 visa pages to go before it's full, and I think it'd be cool to fill a passport.

In an update on communicating with my insurance, yeah, so much for the vacation waiver. Basically I was told that since the prescription isn't more than $100/month, they won't allow me to pay my co-pay for the extra month. Instead, I have to pay for it and then submit a claim for reimbursment. Oh, and they called me at 10:30 in the evening to tell me this. Yes, I know, my insurance company actually followed through and called me back, but at 10:30 at night? Don't they have any sense of propriety?


juli claire said...

Those strange insurance night owls - they seem to be frighteningly good at making you do the work you're paying them for. I never turned in my many chiropractic claim forms last year, but i have a deductible anyway, so it wasn't entirely worth the effort. i am going to have to deal with this very issue (BC) when we head out on the road in a few doesn't sound like it will be easy. Here's to the embassy being more humane than the insurance company!

linda said...

Em, I hope everything went well with the visa. Good luck with everything.
PS I like the new blog.