Monday, January 31

slow life

wow. so much to write, and i've been doing a lot of writing in my journals. hopefully to be transcribed at some point, but this is not it. internet time is too limited and too slow. i'm just over a week into the permaculture course and it's amazing. though, parts are a bit too hippy for my tastes in terms of community building. i spent a lot of money to be here and i want to be learning as much permaculture as i can. though in the past week we have built an earthen house. incredible. and wow.

so the above was from the time at the internet cafe and below is the actual entry from my journal...

Short day today. We started with testing paint colors on the kitchen. When they're dry Jim and Nao will pick which color blend they prefer.

Class with Robin began with offers and requests. I'm offering to read The BFG; wonder if anyone will take me up on it. Request for Thai and Karen language, massage, stories. So much to share in the remaining days.

We left the land at 4:30 for Sangkhla. Internet for the first time in 9 days wasn't as fulfilling as it used to be. Although, it appears that my mom has figured out how to reply to email. It was heart warming to have heard from her even though they were simple messages with no news from home. I sent her a long message which prehaps will insprie a more lengthy response.

The next two days are field trips of sorts. Rainbow Camp tomorrow - a gaterhing of groups focused on alternative education with no schedule, just play. I'm feeling the need for some alone time, so I've brought along my knitting. Although, maybe I should bust out my interacting ability because this might be a good time to network and lead me to other places in this big world.


minnie said...

oh cool! i just noticed on the board at my local cafe that i missed the COB building class. i totally want to try that.
you're taking pictures right?

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I had forgotten about it until Rik's visit last night, when he asked about you, which reminded me that I had no clue how your trip was going. :o Can't wait to see photos. Sounds like you're having a great time. Sorry for the truncated post-marathon phone call - it was great to hear from you & Wendy. Thanks for thinking of me! Eva

Anonymous said...

Emily! Love reading your blog. Can't wait to hear all about the trip and see pictures, hopefully in October!! Miss you sweetie!

Lobb, Sandy

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