Sunday, January 30


Rough night has led to a lazy day. There were garlicy snails at dinner last night that prehaps were not the best of ideas knowing that the river is used for everything here. I slept with earplugs in and kept waking myself up by moaning in my sleep. Severe stomach discomfort, I feel very unsettled. All of this combined with a splinter/infected place in my hand and my allergies bugging me. To complain just a bit more, today was the hottest day we've had yet. And apparently, I smell good to the flies. Enough of that, I'm sure it will pass.

We had more group development discussion this morning. I'm hoping everyone will continue to take personal responsibility for their own learning. Maybe this will involve not everyone being in class all the time and more individual projects. We covered lots today - swale building, contours of the land and on maps, aspect of the land. Exactly what I've been wanting.

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