Friday, January 7


I tend to feel as if I'm always packing, rarely ever completely unpacked. Although, this is nearing an end, as I'm almost entirely unpacked and set up in my new wonderful house in Oakland. But, now the packing has begun for Thailand. Am I taking enough? Am I taking too much? I have anti-histamines, decongestant for my ever constant allergies; anti-diarreahal and grape seed extract to aid in any malignancies my tummy may contract; an anti-malarial that will make me more sensitive to the sun (although, I wonder about this as I'm rarely sensitive to the sun with my dark olive skin), but regardless, sunscreen is packed, spfs 15 and a spray on 30 for my face. I just spent 10 minutes on hold with my stupid insurance trying to get them to give me 2 months of my BC ahead of schedule. I hung up in frustration at the wasted cell minutes, I'll try later from a land line to get my "vacation waiver." Let's see, what else? Bandages, antiseptic cream, anti-itch cream, have I forgotten any antis? I've got biodegradable soap (yeah, Dr. Bronner's Almond), shampoo, conditioner (repackaged into a 6 week sized amount rather than a whole bottle) and laundry detergent, nicked from our box at home. I suppose at some point I should pack some clothes and most importantly my camera. But that doesn't need to happen now.

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